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TensorFlow or PyTorch? A Guide to Python Machine Learning Libraries

Let's get started Python is the fastest-growing programming language out there. That isn’t surprising given that it’s simple, easy to use, free, and applicable for many computing tasks. Data scientists in particular have embraced Python’s efficient syntax, learn-ability, and easy integrations with other languages such as C and C++. All these positive qualities, along with the recent spike of interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence , can help explain the plethora of powerful open-source libraries and frameworks for machine learning and data science applications. There are libraries that can be put to use in a multitude of applications, including: natural language processing / NLP (Tensorflow, FastText, NLTK) visualisation and analysis of complex data (Theano) image recognition (Caffe) prediction and recommendation Open-source frameworks have popped up to address all of the above applications, and now it can be confusing to decide on which libr

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